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Rental Information

Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals Additional Information 

 Some of our policies, rules and procedures

In the following, you or yours refers to the renter; we or our(s) refers to Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC Initial Reservation Fee:

1/2 of the base Rent and tax of 12% is required within 24 hours of making a reservation.  A personal check, credit card or cash will be accepted for your rental deposit.   

Final Payment:

Your final payment is due 45 days prior to arrival to us. (We do not send out reminders so please mark your calendar.) Once that has been received you will receive a final Check In email which will have all needed information for your arrival and vacation stay with your assigned key code which will be activated at 3:59 pm! You will go directly to your vacation home at 4 pm, let yourself in and start your vacation. NO wasting time going to an "office" and checking in.

Cancellation Policy:

If you CANCEL a reservation, your reservation funds WILL be refunded if we are successful in renting the property for the time you had reserved less a 10% service fee.  In addition if you paid via Paypal and we are unable to re-rent your reserved time out within 90 days of receiving your payment, the Paypal fee charged to us will be subtracted from your balance of your refund as well. If you are concerned with a possible "Act of God", you should purchase trip cancellation insurance. We are glad to offer you the same travel insurance as all the rental agencies do: Click here for a list of numerous trip insurance companies or any travel insurance company of your choosing.

Check In:

Check in time is 4:00 pm.  We are unable to accommodate early check-ins for any    reason.   Please make travel plans so that you arrive at the property at 4:00 pm.  If you arrive at the beach prior to 4:00 pm, please do not go to the rental property.  Cleaners, Inspectors and Maintenance Staff will not service a property where cars are parked and the preparation of the home for your arrival will be delayed.   

Check  Out

Check Out time is 10:00 am and must be strictly enforced so the next guests can enjoy their time at the beach.

Repairs and General Maintenance:

It is our goal to provide you with a trouble-free vacation.  But as we all know, things will break, get overlooked or stop running unexpectedly. Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals does not provide refunds for issues beyond our control such as an appliance malfunction, TV/Cable or Internet blackout, power outages, etc.  While we cannot guarantee that HVAC systems, water heaters, and other appliances will not decide to stop working while you are there, we do guarantee that repairs will be made as quickly as possible.  There are no 24 hour repair services on the island of any kind. Refunds will not be made due to equipment failure or maintenance problems.  Cleaning issues will be taken care of but only if reported on check in day up0n your arrival.  If you do not call us upon discovery of something you have a problem with or will not allow our repair or cleaning crew in to take care of any issues you bring up we cannot rectify your problem.  You will be provided with phone numbers to call in your final instructions.

Reviews:  Certain  websites allow reviews that are unchecked with regard to reasonable  sentiment.  As such, you agree that the relationship between you and Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC  is and shall remain private, understanding that even minor unreasonable negative sentiment may  unjustly cause thousands of dollars in damages to owner’s future  business.   Specifically, you agree to not make any derogatory comments, whether written or oral, or in any media including the internet, regarding the home, our company or anyone individually without prior written approval from Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC.   You agree to pay  damages of up to $10,000.00 upon demand by Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC  if any review is posted by you or anyone of your party which you either bring or stays in the home at any time during your rental.  You agree upon notice from us of your breach of this agreement that you will (within  48 hours) remove any such violation. A copy of this  document shall serve as your full authorization to remove any such  review promptly upon request by Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC.   Rental Home for Sale: The home you are renting may be for sale. If an agent wishes to show the home during your stay we will contact you and ask for permission. Right of entry: Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC reserves the right to enter and inspect your rental immediately upon notice to you. You also agree to allow any repairs that are necessary to be carried out during your stay and not deny access. Parties etc.: We only rent to family groups, couples and individuals. The main renter must be at least 25 years of age. We do not rent to: renters planning house parties, college "spring break" groups, sorrorities or fraternities, renters planning to have a wedding at the home, etc. If you need a rental for something like what was just listed you must tell us in the beginning as a few of our homeowners do consider those type rentals with extra costs. Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC reserves the right to evict at will. Construction: Construction and home improvements/repairs can happen at any time and do continue year round here. Neither Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC or its Homeowners are responsible for informing a rental guest if the property they are renting is near a ‘construction site’, and no refunds or discounts will be given for rentals near such sites. Rental unavailability: If for some unforeseen circumstance your rental property becomes unavailable, we will contact you immediately to discuss alternatives. We will make every effort to find a property that will meet your vacation needs (price range, size, location, etc). However, we cannot be held responsible if there are no other suitable accommodations available for your vacation dates.  We nor our Homeowners cannot be held responsible for any ‘Act of God’ that would make the rental property, access to the beach or access to the Town of Edisto Beach unavailable for your occupancy. If there is a mandatory evacuation due to a storm you do not get your money back! For this reason we strongly urge you to purchase Vacation Rental Insurance!!! Miscellaneous and Disclaimers: Errors in the quoted prices due to typos or on in any reservation form concerning the rental property, its amenities and/or description, prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve all rights and no portion of any materials from said company may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, without our written permission. Rental property description and pictures are subject to change between time of booking and vacation dates. Furnishings can change at any time and we are not not liable. Each home is owned by individual owners and they choose how to decorate and furnish and at times can change items without notifying us of that change. Lost and Found Items: Any personal item left behind by a guest is not our or any sub-contractor, or employee's responsibility. If items are found and they are of a reasonable shape and quantity: and can fit in USPS Flat Rate Boxes, we will make every effort to return the item in a timely manner. The renter must pay the Flat Rate Mailing cost plus a $10 Handling Fee. We do not store found items.

WHAT DO I BRING: Sheets, towels, beach towels, beach chairs, beach toys, food (down to the salt/pepper, coffee filters),  cleaning detergents (bath, washer, dishwasher, etc.), paper towels, toilet paper, dish towels, trash bags, some good books, games, and bicycles.  We will try to make sure that there is some toilet paper and paper towels in case you arrive late...although during summer the Bi-Lo Grocery store is open 24/7!  You will have to buy more while there.  You can either bring your own linens or rent them.

Fair Housing:
We adhere to the Fair Housing Act.

Unconfirmed Reservations: - We will cancel any booked reservation that has not been confirmed with a reservation fee 24 hours the date of booking.  A Cancellation Notice will be sent by email.

Pet Policy:  Pets (dogs only) are allowed only in “Pet Friendly” properties with a non-refundable pet fee which is charged per pet.  Any unauthorized pet at any rental property (indoors or outside) will have to be removed immediately. Some owners require eviction of the tenant without refund. The Town of Edisto Beach has leash laws that govern pets.  Please contact the Town of Edisto Beach for current laws.
We reserve the right to not allow certain breeds of dogs in our rentals.   No dog who has bitten anyone is allowed in our rentals.
The owners of our pet friendly properties request the following items be honored so renters can continue to have pets accompany them on family vacation.

a. Please do not leave the animal unattended during your vacation and take all precautions to prevent behavioral problems such as chewing, scratching and barking.
b. It is required that all pets be treated with a flea preventative before arriving at Edisto.
c. Animals are not allowed on furniture. Please bring bedding for your animal to sleep on during
their vacation.
d. Wet animals are not allowed in rental properties. Bathe your dog washing all sand and salt-water off, and then allow the animal to dry outdoors before entering the rental property.
e. It is the renter’s responsibility to clean up all pet hair prior to departure. A cleaning fee will be assessed if excessive pet hair is left in a property.
f. Renters will be held responsible for any damage caused by a pet. 
g. Renters are to clean up outside after the pet, as in no doggy mines left in the yard for someone else to step in! Renters who leave these behind will be charged an additional fee for yard cleanup.

Rates quoted on our site do not include taxes, cleaning or pet fees.   

 Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC
 Richard Howse Broker/member
 Main office 402 Palmetto Blvd.
Edisto Beach, SC 29438

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