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Things to Do and See

Things to Do and See and Where to Eat Locally!

When you need to go to the grocery story or want to see what it is like on Edisto Beach then here is your guide:

The Bi-Lo Grocery Store is just across the causeway onto the beach on the right.   There is a liquor store there out front and ice machines too.  There is a Red Box rental box to the left of the doors into the Bi-Lo.  

There are a number of places to eat out at the beach too:

The Jungle Shack on Jungle Road where you can take out or dine in on the screened in porch.  Jungle Road is the first road on the right you come to after crossing the causeway to the Town of Edisto Beach.

La Ritta's Pizzeria on Jungle Road in a small strip center on the left just down from the Bi-Lo center.   There are several shops in the strip center as well and an ice cream shop. 

Just past the strip center you will see the Waterfront Restaurant, very nice as well as the Sea Cow Eatery on the right. 

If you stay on 174 and go past the Bi-Lo Center you will see a gas station on your right adjacent to the Bi-Lo and there is a Subway take out station inside.
Across from there is another place that has a large gift shop, ice cream shop and Coots Bar and Restaurant.   There is what's left of Edisto's Own Fishing Pier attached to the Lounge with outdoor tables you can be served at.  
If you continue on down Hwy. 174 (aka Palmetto Blvd. now) you will see a lot of homes but little to no commercial areas as that is how Edisto has always been!  No big hotels or high rises there!
Down further on Palmetto Blvd.  you will see a couple of signs that point you to areas of other restaurants and the Marina.   You can turn on to Lybrand Street off of Palmetto Blvd. and that will take you to several places to eat and a Fresh Seafood Shop, Edisto Seafood.  There is also a restaurant/bar Dock Side next to Edisto Seafood Shop.   To the right of Dockside is another shop where you can buy tackle, refreshments, rent kayaks and more. 
If you continue down the road that runs in front of Edisto Seafood etc. you will take sharp turn to the right and then you will Bay Creek Park on your right where the Town hosts quite a few events during the year, concerts, outdoor movies etc.   
The Edisto Marina and Pressley's at the Marina Restaurant is next to the Town Park and has wonderful views from the dining area.  
When back on Palmetto Blvd. if you were to pass Lybrand St. and continue on down Palmetto you will come upon signs for City Hall and a few blocks past that you will see another sign on your right that points you to Whaley's Bar and Grill one of the best seafood dives you can find anywhere.  

You can't get lost on Edisto Beach as Palmetto Blvd. does a loop and connects back into Lybrand St.

Below you can find some links to area activities, places to rent kayaks, etc.
You can also go offshore fishing etc. 

There is a museum you pass not long after crossing the large bridge onto Edisto Island.   It's just past the first gas station you see after coming onto the Island.    The Edisto Museum.

There are lots of things to see and do around Edisto!  Edisto Island Edisto Beach will become your new favorite vacation destination!


Edisto Activities & Charleston Fun

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There are two rental facilities on Edisto that will rent you many "necessities:

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More Edisto Information

There are two rental facilities on Edisto that will rent you many "necessities: http://www.edistoessentials.com/



Destination Weddings on Edisto

"A Charleston Bride"

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