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Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC was established in 2014 as a rental management company dealing with vacation rentals on and around Edisto Island and Edisto Beach South Carolina.

Richard and Mary Howse are the owners and both have been in real estate a long time (to put it lightly)!  Mary started her real estate career in 1982 and Richard in 1984 and both have extensive experience in all aspects of residential real estate from listing property to building homes.  They began managing their own vacation rentals in 1995 on Edisto Beach and upon seeing their success their friends and family started asking them to please take on their vacation rental homes also.  They agreed to take on a select few and Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals, LLC was born in April of 2014 with the company focus being Deliverately Small and Extremely Selective.  The company remains committed to that goal! 

Mary was raised on Edisto Beach; her father was the first building inspector and her mother was the first female to be elected to Town Council.   Richard is a native of Atlanta, Ga. where he began investing in real estate, became a Broker in Charge and owned a real estate company at the age of 20 while also specializing in commercial real estate with clients such as Concept Interstate Real Estate Services, Palisades Properties, Aronov Group, Amaco Oil & JDN Enterprises to name a few.  He hired Mary to sell a subdivision his company had developed and one thing led to another! 

Mary brought him home to Edisto for the first time in 1993 and being raised in Atlanta, he could not believe a beach as special as Edisto existed!  He fell in love with it and they purchased their oceanfront home on Edisto in 1995; he is now a local! Their Head of Accounting, Beth Bost brings her expertise in accounting to the company and Brittany Reed is a Reservation Manager and Head of Concierge Services. 

Our intention is to keep this company a small family run business with emphasis on providing our home owners the maximum income that can be generated on their particular home.  We will only take on a select number of homes and do have room for a few more homes at this time.   We don't operate like the other management companies do in our area and that is what makes us the go to company for managing your vacation rental.   Deliberately Small and Extremely Selective is our motto because by keeping our business small it allows us to concentrate on our owners particularhomes and give them the opportunity for maximising their income.  All the other companies operate on the numbers plan, meaning they will take on as many homes as possible period. The more homes that can get the more money they make. There is nothing wrong with that as that's the way the vast majority of management companies operate.   It's just not possible when a company has hundreds of properties to ensure that each one is concentrated on to maximise it's full rental potential therefore we have always been able to increase the income on all the homes we have taken over from other companies.   We get paid by the commission we earn and don't hit our renters with an additional "booking fee" on top of all the other costs.   This allows us to provide rentals to the public that when compared to another like home with other companies are cheaper for the renter while maximising the income for our home owners.  If you would like to talk with us about managing your home please email us at ebvrllc@gmail.com or call at 843-868-1458.  

We conduct our business via the internet and do not take phone call reservations over the phone or quote them over the phone in accordance with the Federal Uniform Electronic Act which was passed in the year 2000 mandating electronic transactions conducted in this manner as legal transaction.   This eliminates any "but I thought you said" problems as everything is right there for all parties to see.  And our clients love it because it is so easy!   If you need to contact us feel free to call 843-868-1458 (9-5), email edistobeachvacationrentals@gmail.com or you can chat with us directly on the home page of this website (24/7).    

Below is the proof of our company's status of Vacation Rental Manager of Vacation Rentals with the SC Secretary of State of South Carolina 


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