Our Policy about service dogs in our vacation homes

Information about bringing a service dog along for your vacation

FAQ's About Service Dogs in vacation rentals: 

Q.     Can I rent any vacation home with a qualified service dog? 

A.      Yes and no. If your dog is a trained service animal according to the ADA, you are not restricted as to which home you rent unless that specific home does not allow pets due to a              medical issue with the owner or owner's direct family. That being said, all of our homes except 2 allow dogs.   

 Q.      Is there a pet fee or extra cleaning fee for my service dog? 

 A.      No. Our usual pet fee is waived for an authorized service animal. That being said, if damage occurs, you will be charged just as other guests would be charged for damage to the               rental home. 

Q.       Can the service dog be left alone at the vacation rental? 

A.       No. The animal must be under the handler's control at all times. 

Q.      I had my dog registered as an emotional support animal online. Can he receive these same accommodations? 

A.      No. The laws outlined for service animals are intended to protect those who have spent months (or even years) training the animal to do a specific task or job. We have a duty to              protect our property owners, and we must insist that only trained service dogs take advantage of the laws outlined by the ADA. There can be hefty fines and consequences for                  those trying to get around the regulations. 

Our Policy Regarding Service Animals:

 First you must declare that you are traveling with a service dog at the time of booking and......

Be prepared to answer three questions: 


1.  Do you or a person in your party need this animal to accompany him/her due to a disability?

2.  What work or tasks has the animal been trained to perform that relate to the disability?

3.  Is the dog house broken?


If your service dog fits the definition of a service dog according to the ADA and SC Laws and is housebroken then the fur baby is coming along with you on your vacation without a fee!